What Snowblowers Have Honda Engines?

Have you ever wondered which snowblowers have Honda engines? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’re here to share all the details with you. Honda is known for its high-quality engines, and many snowblower manufacturers recognize this. That’s why you’ll find Honda engines in a wide range of snowblowers. Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional, there’s a Honda-powered snowblower out there for you.

When it comes to snow removal, you want a machine that is reliable and powerful. Honda engines are renowned for their durability and performance, making them a popular choice among snowblower manufacturers. You’ll find Honda engines in snowblowers from brands like Husqvarna, Toro, and Ariens, just to name a few. These snowblowers are designed to tackle even the toughest winter conditions, effortlessly clearing snow from driveways, walkways, and larger areas.

With a Honda engine, you can expect easy starting, smooth operation, and enhanced fuel efficiency. Honda’s innovative engineering ensures that their engines deliver optimal power and performance, allowing you to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re dealing with light snow or heavy, wet snow, a Honda-powered snowblower will get you through it with ease. Stay tuned for our upcoming article where we’ll dive deeper into the features and benefits of Honda engines in snowblowers.

Benefits of Honda Engines in Snowblowers

When it comes to tackling the snow and ice during the winter months, having a reliable and powerful snowblower is essential. One brand that has gained a reputation for its exceptional performance and durability is Honda. With their range of snowblowers equipped with Honda engines, homeowners can confidently clear their driveways and walkways with ease. In this article, we will explore the benefits of Honda engines in snowblowers, the different types of snowblowers available, key features to consider, top models, maintenance tips, comparisons with other brands, customer reviews, where to buy, and the cost. So let’s dive in and discover what snowblowers have Honda engines and why they are a great choice for winter snow removal.

Power and Performance

One of the primary reasons why Honda engines are highly regarded in the snowblower industry is their exceptional power and performance. Honda engines are known for their ability to handle even the heaviest and wettest snow conditions. With their strong and efficient engines, Honda snowblowers have the capability to throw snow farther and clear large areas in a short amount of time. Homeowners can trust that a Honda engine will provide the necessary power to tackle any snow removal task with ease, making their winter days much more manageable.

Reliability and Durability

Another significant advantage of Honda engines in snowblowers is their reliability and durability. Honda has a long-standing reputation for producing quality engines that are built to last. Their snowblower engines are designed to withstand the harsh winter elements while maintaining their performance year after year. With proper maintenance and care, a snowblower with a Honda engine can offer reliable service for many winters to come. Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their investment in a Honda-powered snowblower will pay off in the long run.

Fuel Efficiency

In addition to power and reliability, Honda engines are also known for their fuel efficiency. Honda utilizes advanced engine technology that maximizes fuel economy without compromising on performance. This means that homeowners can clear their snow-covered driveways without constantly worrying about refueling their snowblower. With a Honda engine, users can enjoy longer run times on a single tank of fuel, saving both time and money in the process.

Types of Snowblowers with Honda Engines

Now that we have explored the benefits of Honda engines in snowblowers, let’s take a look at the different types of snowblowers available with Honda engines.

Single-Stage Snowblowers

Single-stage snowblowers with Honda engines are designed for light to moderate snowfall. They feature an auger that picks up the snow and throws it out of a discharge chute in a single motion. These compact and maneuverable snowblowers are perfect for clearing small areas such as driveways and sidewalks. With their Honda engines, single-stage snowblowers offer reliable performance and efficient snow removal.

Two-Stage Snowblowers

Two-stage snowblowers with Honda engines are ideal for handling heavier snowfall and larger areas. They feature an auger that feeds the snow into an impeller, which then throws the snow out through the discharge chute. These snowblowers are equipped with powerful Honda engines that provide the necessary strength and performance to tackle even the toughest snow conditions. With their wide clearing widths and increased snow clearing capacities, two-stage snowblowers with Honda engines are a popular choice for homeowners and professional snow removal services.

Three-Stage Snowblowers

The three-stage snowblowers are the most powerful and efficient snowblowers available with Honda engines. They feature an additional accelerator auger that breaks up the snow and ice before directing it into the impeller for discharge. The three-stage design allows for faster and more thorough snow removal, making it the perfect choice for clearing large areas quickly and efficiently. With their robust Honda engines, three-stage snowblowers are the ultimate snow clearing machines, capable of tackling even the toughest winter storms.

What Snowblowers Have Honda Engines?

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Features to Consider in Snowblowers with Honda Engines

When selecting a snowblower with a Honda engine, there are several key features to consider. These features will help determine which snowblower is best suited for your specific needs and snow clearing requirements. Let’s take a closer look at these features.

Engine Size and Power

The engine size and power are important considerations when choosing a snowblower. Honda engines come in various sizes, ranging from compact and lightweight engines for smaller applications to larger engines for heavy-duty snow removal. Determine the size of the area you need to clear and the average snowfall in your region to guide your decision. It is recommended to opt for a slightly larger engine for better performance and to handle unexpected snow accumulations.

Clearing Width

The clearing width of a snowblower refers to the width of the path it can clear in a single pass. Larger clearing widths mean that more snow can be cleared in less time, reducing the overall clearing time. Consider the size of the area you need to clear and the space restrictions, such as narrow walkways or driveways, to determine the optimal clearing width for your needs.

Snow Clearing Capacity

The snow clearing capacity refers to the amount of snow that a snowblower can handle in a given period. It is typically measured in pounds per minute or pounds per hour. The snow clearing capacity of a snowblower will depend on factors such as the size of the auger, the engine power, and the overall design. Choose a snowblower with a snow clearing capacity that matches the average snowfall in your area to ensure efficient snow removal.

Auger and Impeller Design

The design of the auger and impeller in a snowblower plays a crucial role in its performance. Look for snowblowers with durable and efficient augers that can effectively break up and collect the snow. Additionally, consider the design of the impeller, as it determines how far the snow is thrown. Snowblower models with adjustable impeller fins allow users to control the throwing distance and direction, providing more flexibility while clearing snow.

Self-Propulsion System

A self-propulsion system is a valuable feature to consider, especially for larger snowblowers. This feature allows the snowblower to move forward with minimal effort from the user. Honda snowblowers are equipped with reliable and efficient self-propulsion systems that make navigating through deep snow or uneven terrain much easier. Look for models with adjustable speeds to match your desired pace while clearing snow.

Top Snowblower Models with Honda Engines

Now that we have discussed the various features to consider in snowblowers with Honda engines, let’s explore some of the top models available.

Honda HS720AM

The Honda HS720AM is a compact and lightweight single-stage snowblower with a Honda GC190 engine. It features a 20-inch clearing width and a snow clearing capacity of up to 1,800 pounds per minute. With its adjustable auger height and quick-adjust deflector, users can easily control the snow throwing direction and distance. The Honda HS720AM is an excellent choice for homeowners with smaller snow clearing needs.

Honda HS720AS

The Honda HS720AS is another single-stage snowblower with a Honda GC190 engine. It offers the same features as the HS720AM but includes a self-propulsion system. The self-propulsion feature makes clearing snow effortless and allows users to focus on maneuvering the snowblower rather than pushing it through the snow. The Honda HS720AS is a popular choice for homeowners who want the convenience of a self-propelled snowblower combined with the reliability of a Honda engine.

Honda HSS724AW

The Honda HSS724AW is a two-stage snowblower with a powerful Honda GX200 engine. It boasts a 24-inch clearing width and a snow clearing capacity of up to 1,900 pounds per minute. With its hydrostatic transmission and joystick chute control, users can easily adjust the speed and direction of both the snowblower and the discharge chute. The Honda HSS724AW is designed to handle heavy snowfall and larger areas, making it a favorite among homeowners and professional snow removal services.

Honda HSS1332ATD

For those in need of the ultimate snow-clearing machine, the Honda HSS1332ATD is the top choice. This three-stage snowblower is powered by a robust Honda GX390 engine and features a massive 32-inch clearing width. With its heavy-duty augers and impellers, it can handle even the most challenging snow conditions. The Honda HSS1332ATD offers advanced features such as electric start, track drive, and adjustable auger height. If you are looking for maximum power and performance, the Honda HSS1332ATD is the snowblower for you.

What Snowblowers Have Honda Engines?

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Maintenance and Care for Snowblowers with Honda Engines

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, proper maintenance and care are essential for snowblowers with Honda engines. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your snowblower running smoothly:

Regular Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are crucial to keep the engine lubricated and running efficiently. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil change intervals and use the recommended oil type for your Honda engine. Clean or replace the oil filter as needed.

Spark Plug Replacement

Inspect and replace the spark plug according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. A worn or faulty spark plug can cause starting issues and poor engine performance.

Fuel Stabilization

If you plan to store your snowblower for an extended period, it is essential to stabilize the fuel to prevent it from deteriorating. Add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank and run the engine for a few minutes to ensure the stabilized fuel reaches all parts of the engine.

Cleaning and Lubrication

After each use, clean your snowblower to remove any snow, ice, or debris that may have accumulated. Pay special attention to the chute, auger, and impeller. Lubricate any moving parts, such as the chute and auger controls, with a suitable lubricant to prevent rust and ensure smooth operation.

Following these maintenance tips will help prolong the life of your snowblower and keep it running at optimal performance.

Comparing Honda Engines with Other Brands

While Honda engines have gained a reputation for their performance and durability, it is essential to compare them to other brands in the market. Let’s take a look at how Honda engines stack up against some of the other popular snowblower engine brands:

Honda vs. Briggs & Stratton

Briggs & Stratton is another well-known brand in the small engine industry. While they offer reliable engines, Honda engines are often favored for their fuel efficiency, quieter operation, and overall performance. Additionally, Honda engines are known for their easy start, even in cold weather conditions, making them highly reliable during winter snow removal.

Honda vs. Toro

Toro is a brand that specializes in outdoor power equipment, including snowblowers. While Toro snowblowers are top-rated for their performance and features, Honda engines are often preferred for their exceptional power, fuel efficiency, and durability. Both brands have their unique strengths, so it is important to consider individual models and features when making a purchasing decision.

Honda vs. Ariens

Ariens is a brand that has been producing snowblowers for over 80 years. Their snowblowers are known for their robust construction and snow-clearing capabilities. However, Honda engines are typically praised for their reliability, fuel efficiency, and ease of use. Homeowners must consider their specific snow removal needs and the features offered by each brand when comparing Honda and Ariens snowblowers.

What Snowblowers Have Honda Engines?

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Customer Reviews and Recommendations

To gauge the overall satisfaction and performance of snowblowers with Honda engines, it is helpful to consider customer reviews and recommendations. Here are some key factors that homeowners often highlight about Honda-powered snowblowers:

Reliability and Performance

Customers consistently praise the reliability and performance of Honda engines in snowblowers. Many users express their satisfaction with how easily the engines start, even in freezing temperatures, and their ability to power through heavy and wet snow. The strong and durable Honda engines provide peace of mind, knowing that they can rely on their snowblower to clear their property efficiently.

Ease of Use

Honda-powered snowblowers are often commended for their user-friendly features and ease of operation. The intuitive controls, adjustable chute direction, and self-propulsion systems make the snowblowers comfortable and convenient to use. Users appreciate the thoughtfully designed features that make their snow removal tasks less strenuous and more efficient.

Customer Support and Warranty

Honda is known for its excellent customer support and warranty service. Users appreciate the prompt and efficient help they receive from Honda’s customer support team. The comprehensive warranty coverage provided by Honda gives homeowners confidence in their purchase, knowing that any potential issues will be promptly addressed.

Overall, customer reviews and recommendations for snowblowers with Honda engines are overwhelmingly positive. Homeowners express their satisfaction with the reliability, performance, and ease of use of Honda-powered snowblowers.

Where to Buy Snowblowers with Honda Engines

If you are interested in purchasing a snowblower with a Honda engine, there are several places where you can find them:

Authorized Honda Dealers

Authorized Honda dealers are the best place to purchase a Honda-powered snowblower. They offer a wide selection of models and can provide expert advice and assistance in choosing the right snowblower for your needs. Authorized dealers also ensure that you are purchasing a genuine Honda product and can assist with any warranty-related matters.

Home Improvement Stores

Many home improvement stores carry a selection of snowblowers with Honda engines. These stores often have knowledgeable staff who can provide guidance and help you make an informed decision. Additionally, home improvement stores may offer competitive pricing and seasonal promotions.

Online Retailers

Online retailers such as Amazon and Home Depot also offer a wide range of snowblowers with Honda engines. Shopping online allows for convenient browsing and comparison of models, and customer reviews can provide valuable insights. However, it is important to purchase from reputable online retailers to ensure authenticity and reliable customer service.

What Snowblowers Have Honda Engines?

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Cost of Snowblowers with Honda Engines

The cost of snowblowers with Honda engines can vary depending on factors such as the type of snowblower, engine size, features, and retail location. Here is a general idea of the cost range for snowblowers with Honda engines:

Entry-Level Models

Entry-level single-stage snowblowers with Honda engines typically range from $400 to $600. These models are suitable for clearing small areas and offer basic features and engine power.

Mid-Range Models

Mid-range two-stage snowblowers with Honda engines can range from $800 to $1,200. These models offer larger clearing widths, increased snow clearing capacity, and additional features such as self-propulsion and adjustable chute controls.

High-End Models

High-end snowblowers with Honda engines, such as three-stage models or those with extra features like track drive or electric start, can range from $1,500 to $3,000 or more. These models are designed for heavy-duty snow removal and offer the most advanced features and capabilities.

It is important to consider your specific snow removal needs and budget when choosing a snowblower with a Honda engine. Remember that investing in a quality snowblower with a Honda engine is a long-term investment that will pay off in reliability and performance.


In conclusion, Honda engines offer numerous benefits when it comes to snowblowers. Their power and performance, reliability and durability, and fuel efficiency make them a top choice for homeowners looking to tackle winter snow and ice. Snowblowers with Honda engines come in different types, including single-stage, two-stage, and three-stage models, each designed for specific snow clearing needs. Key features to consider include engine size and power, clearing width, snow clearing capacity, auger and impeller design, and self-propulsion system. Honda offers a range of top models, including the Honda HS720AM, Honda HS720AS, Honda HSS724AW, and Honda HSS1332ATD, each offering unique features and capabilities. Proper maintenance, such as regular oil changes, spark plug replacement, fuel stabilization, cleaning, and lubrication, will ensure the longevity and optimal performance of snowblowers with Honda engines. When comparing Honda engines with other brands, they are often favored for their fuel efficiency, reliability, and ease of use. Customer reviews and recommendations highlight the satisfaction and performance of Honda-powered snowblowers. You can purchase snowblowers with Honda engines through authorized Honda dealers, home improvement stores, or online retailers. The cost of snowblowers with Honda engines varies depending on the model and features, with entry-level models starting at around $400 and high-end models exceeding $3,000. With their exceptional power, reliability, and fuel efficiency, snowblowers with Honda engines are a wise investment for homeowners in need of efficient snow removal. So, if you are wondering what snowblowers have Honda engines, rest assured that Honda offers a range of options to suit your needs during winter snowstorms. Stay prepared and make winter snow removal a breeze with a Honda-powered snowblower.

What Snowblowers Have Honda Engines?

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